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Karen J Spurrier, Ph.D. is a social worker/ counsellor, registered with the South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP reg no 10-23064) and also with the South African Association of Social Workers in Private Practice (SAASWIPP).

Strictly Private & Confidential.

Counselling appointments can be made with her. See more information below. 

Social workers bring skills to the room which enable them to fully hear the clients, thereby enabling clients to come to their own conclusions and decisions about their life choices. These skills include:
  • Communicating effectively in the written and spoken word.
  • Listening to others actively and fully, affording them the time to be heard, asking appropriate questions when needed and without inconvenient interruption.
  • Talking about issues raised in a clear and concise manner and sharing information with clients as needed.
  • Understanding why people react as they do, by being perceptive to and studying people’s reactions.
  • Thinking critically by using logic, common sense and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to complex problems that clients are facing.
  • Flexibility and Coordination in assisting clients by being able to adjust to changes in reactions and circumstances.
  • Researching, accessing and providing information to clients as necessary and appropriate to assist them to make decisions and informed choices.
  • Being service and community orientated and assisting in community projects where possible.

Call Karen Spurrier on 0828255505 for an appointment or email on

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